Apple will introduce micro LED technology to all product lines

It was reported a long time ago that Apple is actively sprinting for micro LED technology, and has successively obtained related patents that can be used in iMac, MacBook, and other devices, as well as TVs, and completed a series of patent layouts. Compared with traditional LCD and OLED panels, although the current cost of micro LED is relatively high, it has inherent advantages in brightness and power consumption.

According to Wccftech reports, Apple will be the first to introduce micro LED technology in the new version of Apple Watch Ultra in 2024 and then expand to all its product lines, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac series, etc. A complete transition may take 10 years.
Apple Watch Ultra micro LED

Apple chose to import micro LED technology from the Apple Watch Ultra, largely because the display screen of the wearable device itself is small, which reduces the difficulty of mass production. It is rumored that Apple intends to produce micro-LED displays, so it can be understood that the smaller the screen size, the less difficult it is to develop. Although micro LED is very attractive in terms of technical indicators, it is still in the early stage and is a relatively complex technology.

Like OLED, micro LED is also a self-luminous display technology that does not require an additional backlight. Since micro LED is made of inorganic materials, it has a longer service life. Compared with traditional LCD, micro LED will save more power because it does not need a backlight source that consumes a lot of power. Some people in the manufacturing industry said that micro LED-related technologies will reach mature standards in 2024. It seems that Apple can’t wait to apply micro LED technology for the first time.