Apple Watch Series 9 will feature S9 chip

In recent years, Apple’s upgrades to the Apple Watch have been rather sluggish, with not only the exterior remaining unchanged but even the internal chip foregoing an upgrade in last year’s Apple Watch Series 8, opting for an update this year instead. Although it is still early to discuss the next generation set to debut in September, recent news suggests that Apple will upgrade the internal chip of the Apple Watch this year, bringing a faster CPU.

Though the Apple Watch Series 8 purportedly features Apple’s in-house S8 chip, it is essentially a rebranded S7, which in turn is a rebranded S6. Consequently, Apple has stretched a single, modestly modified chip across three generations. While the S8 chip can still deliver a smooth user experience, it somewhat dampens consumers’ desire to upgrade their watches. Apple’s latest earnings report revealed a year-over-year decline in revenue for wearables and smart home businesses, which includes the Apple Watch.

However, according to Apple product leaker Mark Gurman, Apple Watch Series 9 will finally receive a genuinely upgraded chip, likely named S9, employing the same cutting-edge architecture as the A15 chip used in iPhones. Boasting a more advanced manufacturing process, it will offer improved performance and power consumption control, resulting in longer battery life.

As for the exterior design, the new Apple Watch will not undergo significant changes, perpetuating the same appearance since the 2018 Apple Watch Series 4 redesign across five watch generations, which is unparalleled in the industry. Nonetheless, in line with tradition, Apple will undoubtedly introduce new band styles to accompany the new Apple Watch.