Apple Vision Pro Sales Plummet: Shipments Cut in Half

Recently, it has been reported that the sales of the Apple Vision Pro continue to falter, prompting Apple to halve its initial shipment targets. Originally projected to ship between 700,000 and 800,000 units in 2024, Apple has now reduced the forecast to 400,000 to 450,000 units due to recent demand fluctuations. Additionally, according to Wccftech, the production cost of the Apple Vision Pro is as high as $1,542, significantly impeding its widespread adoption among consumers. Consequently, Apple is actively seeking ways to reduce the costs associated with the Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro 2024

Wccftech’s report mentions that Apple is contemplating whether to include BOE and SeeYA as suppliers for the microLED screens of the Apple Vision Pro to lower production costs. Mark Gurman also noted in his latest “Power On” newsletter that the next-generation model of the Apple Vision Pro might not launch until the end of 2026. Before the release of the second-generation device, there is an urgent need to reduce production costs. He stated, “Apple has yet to find a way to cut the production costs of the Apple Vision Pro. However, they hope to launch a more affordable headset before the release of the second generation.” Currently, Apple’s key strategy for the Apple Vision Pro is to expand its market reach globally, including plans to introduce the device in China. Moreover, Apple will update the system this year for the Apple Vision Pro, rolling out visionOS 2.0, although this is unlikely to significantly alleviate the current challenges faced by the Apple Vision Pro.

As for the “budget version” of the Apple Vision Pro, previous reports have suggested that this more cost-effective headset might debut in 2025. This model would feature a less expensive A-series SoC, similar to those used in iPhones, and more affordable screen options.