Apple T2 security chip will prevent third-party to repair the new Macs

At the October new product launch last month, Apple introduced the new MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and 12.9/11-inch iPad Pro, all equipped with T2 security chips. In addition to blocking the installation of Linux distributions, Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, a well-known maintenance team, said the T2 chip would also prevent some third-party to repair the new Macs.

Mac Mini Linux system

In a letter to the TheVerge, Wiens said that the T2 chip would become a security threshold for Mac products in addition to providing a proper security boot. When internal parts need to be replaced, the T2 chip will be reviewed during the post-replacement restart process, allowing only those parts that are circulated from a reliable source to be replaced, meaning that replacing internal parts from other third-party channels will not start.

Wiens said: For Macs with the Apple T2 chip, the repair process is not complete for certain parts replacements until the AST 2 System Configuration suite has been run. Failure to perform this step will result in an inoperative system and an incomplete repair.”

Via: theverge