Apple Safari browser supports the WebM format

WebP and WebM are images and video formats based on the codec in the VP8/9 series. The open-source codec is mainly developed under the sponsorship of Google.

Google hopes to use these free codecs to replace the paid codecs of the MPEG project group. Of course, the development of this industry-standard is slow.

For example, the Apple Safari browser has only now decided to support the WebM video format in the second beta of macOS Big Sur 11.3 Beta.

For Google, Apple’s ability to support this video format is actually a major victory. After all, only Apple has not yet supported this format in mainstream browsers.

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This has led many websites to consider compatibility issues and are reluctant to use the video format, even if the video format can reduce the size without reducing the definition.

In addition to Apple, Google Chrome and Firefox have already provided support, so now the WebM video format can be said to be compatible with mainstream browsers.

This may also be related to the attitude change of Apple’s WebKit core team. The WebKit core team now supports niche formats relatively quickly.

Although WebP and WebM are not the mainstream image and video formats yet, they have a future. After all, they are free and Google supports them.

Via: macrumors