Apple releases iOS 17.0.3 version to fix the abnormal heating problem on iPhone 15 series

Apple recently announced its intent to address the unforeseen overheating issues of the iPhone 15 series via a software update. This commitment has since materialized with the release of the iOS 17.0.3 update, which rectifies the pertinent concern.

Beyond addressing the anomalous thermal behavior observed in the iPhone 15 series, Apple also noted that this version refines certain system errors and bolsters overall security.

Prior to this, a multitude of users postulated that the iPhone 15 series’ overheating episodes were perhaps attributable to the new titanium frame incorporated in the iPhone 15 Pro models, coupled with the reduction of the heat dissipation area. This led to speculations about potential abnormalities in the device’s thermal performance.

In a subsequent clarification, Apple vehemently disassociated the design of the titanium frame from these concerns. Instead, they elucidated that the principal cause was certain third-party apps not aligning seamlessly with the latest iOS 17 updates, resulting in irregularities in their operational performance. Moreover, this thermal anomaly wasn’t exclusive to the iPhone 15 series; several older models exhibited similar behavior post the iOS 17 upgrade.

Following Apple’s issuance of the update, numerous users, upon installing, affirmatively reported that the thermal performance of their iPhone devices has resumed normalcy.