Apple Reality Pro features OLED microdisplays with up to 4K resolution per eye

There has been a lot of news about Apple’s AR/VR headset, Reality Pro, and it’s always good to have more information to confirm its existence, especially since this device is even more mysterious than the iPhone 15. Speaking of which, the iPhone 15 might not be the most mysterious phone in the world, considering that its Type-C interface has already been made public.

The latest information about Apple Reality Pro comes from Nikkei Asia and MIXED and involves the headset’s assemblers and display panel costs. According to reports, TSMC and Sony will be responsible for producing the OLED panels, while Luxshare will assemble the headsets.

Nikkei Asia reports that these OLED panels will reach a resolution of 4K resolution per eye, which means that the resolution of the Reality Pro headset can reach 8K, which is a very powerful number. Considering the rumored all-in-one design of the Reality Pro, it’s hard to imagine what kind of chip Apple will use to drive two high-resolution screens. As for the price, the cost of one screen is $150, and two screens for both eyes would cost $300, so the previously rumored retail price of $3000 might not be unreasonable.

The report also states that Foxconn is involved in the project, but not in assembling the Reality Pro. Instead, they are working on developing a cheaper second-generation headset in parallel with the Reality Pro. Foxconn’s main task is to achieve mass production and improve production efficiency to help Apple save costs. Meanwhile, Nikkei Asia quotes a high-level executive who is very familiar with the project, who says that Apple’s first AR/VR device will be extremely expensive and will only attract passionate geeks and high-end customers.