Apple plans to equip iPhone with under-screen Touch ID

Apple launched the iPhone X in 2017 with the aim of achieving a larger screen-to-body ratio. To achieve this, they eliminated the Touch ID fingerprint module and instead opted for Face ID facial recognition technology. However, this does not mean that Apple has completely abandoned fingerprint recognition. Prior to this, it was discovered that Apple had applied for a new patent called “Light-Based Fingerprint Sensing” which uses light instead of ultrasonic vibrations to detect fingerprints. Some industry insiders believe that this is a technology for the future development of under-screen fingerprint scanning on iPhones.

According to a report by Wccftech, Apple is planning to bring under-screen Touch ID to iPhones, but it may take some time, possibly two to three years. It is uncertain whether Apple will offer Touch ID and Face ID simultaneously, or whether they will provide Touch ID and Face ID on different models to differentiate their products.

For many users, a truly full-screen iPhone is a dream come true. Apple also intends to move Face ID under the screen, but it may take some time. Rumor has it that Apple has encountered some problems in the development process, which is causing a delay in the original plan. Furthermore, the transparency of the imaging effect in the under-screen camera area has always been a difficult problem to solve.

If Touch ID and Face ID can both be retained and moved under the screen, with narrow borders and no notch, it would be quite perfect. There are reports that iPhone models equipped with true full-screen displays and under-screen Touch ID/Face ID will be available in 2026.