Apple plans to cut production of the 2022 iPhone SE

Apple launched the 2022 iPhone SE this spring, although it kindly used the latest A15 Bionic chip, which has faster performance and supports 5G networks, its appearance, and screen design are now “old”. It is really difficult to attract today’s mainstream mobile phone users, and Apple is also facing a situation where market demand is lower than expected. It is reported that they plan to reduce the production of this entry-level 5G iPhone.

iPhone SE 2022 Qualcomm X57

Nikkei Asia mentioned in the latest report, that Apple plans to reduce the production of the 2022 iPhone SE by 20% in the next quarter, and it is expected to reduce production by 2-3 million units. This is mainly due to the war in Ukraine and the reduction in consumer demand for electronic products under inflation. In fact, Apple has always adjusted its future production plans based on the first sales of new phones, so this is a routine operation. But such a large reduction in the production of the iPhone SE shows that Apple is not too optimistic about the future sales of this classic iPhone.
In Apple’s positioning, the 2022 iPhone SE should be aimed at users who are still using the iPhone 6/7/8 but do not want to invest too much money to upgrade to the iPhone 12 series and above. It’s just that after adding 5G network support, the price of the new phone will be higher than the previous generation iPhone SE.
Well-known Apple product analyst Ming-chi Kuo also released his latest forecast for this, downgrading the total sales of the iPhone SE to 15-20 million units this year.