Apple: not developing iMessage for Android is to prevent users from migrating to Android

Apple’s iMessage service is very popular. Many users use this service to contact relatives and friends on the premise that they also use Apple devices.

The service only supports Apple devices and does not support other platforms, of course, it is naturally easy for Apple to develop the Android version of the iMessage service.

But as early as 2013, the company decided not to develop iMessage for Android in order to close its own ecosystem. The reason is naturally that it wants to retain existing users.

In the past, most of Apple’s construction of walls to lock down users was just speculation, and now the court documents are forced to make Apple recognize that the company is indeed intending to block its own ecology.

Apple iMessage vulnerability

“How to use iMessage on windows PC/Laptop/Windows 10” by Ross Taylor is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

Epic and Apple filed a lawsuit before the court for the Apple tax issue. Epic believes that Apple used its dominant market position to monopolize the distribution of apps and force a commission.

Regarding the issue of Apple’s tax and high deductions, Apple has already been prosecuted by many states in the United States. Some states have tried to force Apple to open its app store through legislation.

Epic is now submitting to the court a document about Apple’s deliberate blockade of its own ecology. This document contains instructions from several Apple executives on the iMessage service.

For example, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet software and services said that as early as 2013, Apple had the ability to develop iMessage for the Android system to communicate with users.

However, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering and Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing said that if the software is developed for the Android system, it may harm Apple’s related interests.

Because this will remove the barriers for users who want to migrate to the Android platform, an Apple employee who requested anonymity also stated that iMessage has become a serious lockdown.

In the end, Apple decided not to develop an iMessage version for the Android system, so users who rely on the service can only continue to use the Apple ecosystem and cannot migrate to Android.

Via: 9to5google