Apple may use OLED screens from BOE on the fourth-generation iPhone SE

On this generation of iPhone 14, BOE, a Chinese manufacturer, has finally won Apple’s favor and become the screen supplier for the 6.1-inch iPhone 14. Moreover, their cooperation is expected to expand to more models, and the latest news suggests that Apple will introduce a new entry-level fourth-generation iPhone SE, which will also feature a screen provided by BOE.

According to the latest report from The Elec, Apple may use OLED screens from BOE on the fourth-generation iPhone SE to be launched this year, because they are cheaper. Currently, the iPhone 14 uses LTPO OLED screens from Samsung, and the procurement price is more than twice that of BOE’s. Apple’s affordable iPhone is rumored to abandon the current design and switch to the “notch screen” of the iPhone XR to have a stronger product competitiveness in the entry-level price range.

Third-generation iPhone SE

The cooperation between BOE and Apple also has a tortuous story. They began to try to climb the towering tree of the smartphone market with the iPhone 12, but the screen quality at that time did not meet Apple’s requirements. By the iPhone 13, BOE was caught by Apple for modifying the screen design without permission. It was not until the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 of this generation that they finally reached supply cooperation, and there are rumors that they have also obtained screen orders for this year’s iPhone 15.

Currently, Samsung and LGD are the main suppliers of screens for Apple’s iPhone. Introducing new suppliers has always been one of Apple’s means of controlling the supply chain. However, there have also been rumors recently that Apple will ultimately develop its own screens and use MicroLED technology, which is consistent with its strategy of developing its own SoC and baseband. It is said that Apple Watch will be the first to use its own screens, but it is not yet clear when this will happen.