Apple launched the “Apps By Apple” page, promoting its own App lineup

Apple recently unveiled its “Apps by Apple” page, a curated showcase promoting its proprietary applications. These span a gamut of categories, including communication, creativity, productivity, exploration, entertainment, health, fitness, and utility, tailored for devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, and Apple TV.

Previously, in adherence to European Union regulations, Apple ensured that its default applications on devices like the iPhone could be removed by users at their discretion. Consequently, these native apps found their place on the App Store, allowing users to re-download them post-removal.

The launch of the “Apps by Apple” page, aside from accentuating the unique features of Apple’s in-house applications, may also be a nod to the EU’s directive requiring Apple’s compliance with digital marketplace laws. This includes permitting users to augment their iPhone capabilities via third-party app repositories or sideloading third-party applications. Apple, perhaps, hopes to champion its indigenous apps through this platform.

Highlighted apps on this page encompass staples like Phone, Messages, FaceTime, Mail, and Contacts. Additionally, it features Photos, Camera, GarageBand, iMovie, Notes, Reminders, Calendar, Notes, Pages, Safari, Maps, Weather, Find My, Wallet, and others like Health, Apple TV, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and Podcasts.

Service-wise, the page delves deeper into offerings such as Siri, iCloud, CarPlay, and Family Sharing, underscoring the seamless integration and cohesive user experience within Apple’s ecosystem.

Moreover, Apple emphasizes its unwavering commitment to user privacy across these apps. It assures users that neither Apple nor any other entity will access personal data through these applications. Furthermore, these apps have been designed to be universally accessible to all users.