Apple is expected to add major updates and upgrades to iOS 18

Mark Gurman, a journalist at Bloomberg News, in his latest “Power On” column, states that Apple harbors great expectations for the upcoming iOS 18, anticipating it to introduce significant features and a novel design, along with substantial improvements in performance and security. Apple plans to implement major updates and upgrades in iOS 18, potentially incorporating an array of artificial intelligence capabilities.

iOS 18 artificial intelligence

Despite recent ongoing efforts to rectify vulnerabilities in iOS 17, to the extent that internal development on new versions was temporarily halted to focus entirely on security fixes, Apple internally regards iOS 18 as the most extensive update in recent years. While iOS 15, iOS 16, and iOS 17 primarily focused on enhancing security and performance, along with adding some new features, iOS 18 is expected to encompass comprehensive updates and upgrades.

Gurman believes that the scale of updates in iOS 14 will be reflected in the upcoming iOS 18, scheduled for release in 2020. This version is anticipated to include numerous applications of artificial intelligence, offering an entirely new user experience.

Although Apple avoids explicitly using the term “artificial intelligence” to describe the development of its application features, it has been gradually integrating deep learning technology into email, photo, and search functionalities. This allows devices to better understand users’ frequently used content over time, enabling quicker access to desired photos, emails, or apps within the device.

Previously, there were rumors that Apple had begun training Siri using large-scale natural language models, aiming to make the new version of Siri interact more naturally.

Apple is expected to unveil the specifics of iOS 18 at WWDC 2024 next year, along with the announcement of new operating systems including iPadOS 18.