Apple is currently developing two new Mac Studio models

During last year’s March spring event, Apple unveiled the innovative Mac Studio, a compact workstation offering the high-end M1 Ultra chip from the M1 series, which boasts significantly superior performance compared to any other Mac product. To many observers, the introduction of the Mac Studio was intended as an interim solution to fill the void prior to the arrival of a new Mac Pro equipped with Apple’s proprietary chips.

According to Wccftech, Apple is currently developing two new Mac Studio models, with subsequent products set to feature upgraded internal structures and more potent SoCs, thereby dispelling the notion of Mac Studio being a temporary replacement for the Mac Pro. Details regarding the two new Mac Studio models remain unclear; however, as upgraded devices, their performance is assuredly more robust.

Reportedly, Apple does not intend to launch new Mac Studio models this year, instead opting for next year, potentially featuring M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips. Should the M3 debut earlier, the upgraded Mac Studio models may be equipped with M3 Max and M3 Ultra chips. At present, Apple’s Mac product line has not yet fully transitioned to proprietary chips. The Mac Pro necessitates a chip more powerful than the M2/3 Ultra; otherwise, its performance would overlap with the Mac Studio and be more expensive, potentially resulting in the Mac Pro’s niche market being cannibalized by the Mac Studio.

Furthermore, while the 13-inch MacBook Pro’s design appears to be outdated, Apple still plans to retain this model in its product lineup. It remains uncertain whether this laptop will undergo external design changes and whether it may become the last Mac product to feature a Touch Bar.