Apple iPhone 12 will be produced in India by manufacturer Wistron in the middle of next year

Apple will hold a new product launch conference in September or October this year. Four models of iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro MAX will be released at the conference. The series will be Apple The first product series to support 5G networks.

Recently, Business Standard media reported that Apple’s iPhone 12 series mobile phones will not only be a key node in the iPhone network support upgrade, but also a key product that marks the shift in iPhone manufacturing. Business Standard reported that after mid-2021, the iPhone 12 will only be produced in India by Wistron.

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According to the report, Apple and Wistron have worked together on this manufacturing plan for a long time. In July this year, it was reported that Wistron would build a new plant in India to produce the new iPhone. It is reported that Wistron has promised to hire 10,000 workers in India to meet Apple’s demand for iPhone 12 production capacity. At present, the iPhone 12 has entered the trial production stage at its plant in India.

Earlier, Reuters reported that Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturer, will invest an additional US$1 billion in India to expand the scale of its existing factory. The additional investment and expansion plan is mainly promoted by Apple. The purpose of the expansion is also to produce iPhones for Apple. The investment funds will arrive in batches within the next three years, and it is expected to add a total of 6000 local jobs.