Apple has sold over 2.32 billion iPhones since 2007

On January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs stood on the Macworld stage and repeated “an iPod, a phone, and internet communicator” twice. Many people didn’t realize at the time that these were not three separate devices. With the laughter and sporadic applause from the audience, a new device named iPhone appeared. At this moment, Apple changed the world again and opened a new era of smartphones.

After that, a large part of Apple’s revenue came from the iPhone product line. According to the latest statistics, Apple has sold 2.32 billion iPhones since its launch in 2007, which is quite astonishing.

At that time, the screens of mobile phones were generally small, and most of them were not touch screens, with physical buttons. In contrast, the design of the original iPhone is very futuristic, using a 3.5-inch LCD display with a multi-touch function, canceling the physical keyboard, and equipped with a 2-megapixel camera. The fuselage is made of aluminum and plastic, and it is equipped with the iOS operating system. Many aspects of the original iPhone’s design, which we now take for granted, were groundbreaking at the time.

Later iPhones continued to develop along the original concept, with stronger performance, larger screens, better cameras, etc., often leading the development direction of smartphones. Of course, there are some controversies, such as the decision to remove the 3.5mm audio jack in 2016, which has been followed by many Android phone manufacturers. In recent years, some of Apple’s designs on the iPhone seem to have become conservative, but judging from the sales volume, it still has a strong vitality, which is still difficult for other smartphone manufacturers to match.