Apple has quietly increased the number of testers for its Apple Car project

According to data released by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, Apple has registered 67 test vehicles and 201 drivers for its autonomous driving feature and can conduct tests on public roads in California.

Compared to last year’s registration, Apple has gradually increased the number of test drivers, indicating that it is increasing the proportion of autonomous driving function testing.

Apple has been rumored to enter the self-driving car market and plans to launch a product called “Apple Car”. However, Apple has not responded to these rumors, but data and eyewitness reports indicate that Apple is intensively testing vehicle products while continuing to enhance its in-vehicle system, CarPlay.

Source: macReports

In addition to Apple, other companies such as Google, Waymo, Tesla, and NVIDIA are also actively investing in the development of autonomous driving vehicles. Some experts believe that Apple may not launch self-driving vehicles on its own, but choose to jointly develop autonomous driving products with other companies, mainly providing more suitable intelligent in-vehicle systems.

Currently, rumors suggest that Apple will launch its vehicle product as early as 2026, but before that, it will ensure that the vehicle product can be safely used on public roads.