Apple has increased its iPhone 12 series foundry orders to 51 million units in Q1 2021

Apple’s iPhone 12 series smartphones that support 5G network connections launched in October have been on the market for a month. From the tracking of all parties, the current demand for the iPhone 12 series is still strong. In Q4 2020, good sales are still expected.

Some analysts said that due to the current strong demand for the iPhone 12 series, Apple has increased its OEM orders and placed an order to produce 51 million units in Q1 2021.

According to reports from the media, last month it was estimated that Apple will produce 47 million iPhone 12s in the first quarter of next year. The current 51 million iPhones are an increase of 4 million compared to previous expectations.

Apple will produce 51 million units in the first quarter of next year, which means that there will be a significant year-on-year increase, which will increase by 38% compared with the same period last year.

Judging from the iPhone sales and revenue announced by Apple in its financial report, after the launch of each generation of iPhone, the sales have strong periodic changes. The overall iPhone sales began to increase in this quarter, and the subsequent full quarter was the highest, and the subsequent two quarters Gradually decrease.

Due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the R&D test and supply chain, the iPhone 12 series was launched later than the previous years. It was only launched on October 14th. The iPhone 12 and iPhone12 Pro began to accept pre-orders on October 16th and the 23rd. The other two models will be on sale on November 13.

Via: appleinsider