Apple has begun training Siri with a large natural language model

Reports suggest that Apple is currently honing its Siri digital assistant service through extensive natural language model training, seeking to enhance the artificial intelligence interaction to be more lifelike, with plans for unveiling at the WWDC 2024 at the earliest.

Like its competitors, Apple is increasingly prioritizing on-device computing applications to deliver swifter service responsiveness while ensuring user privacy and security.

Siri iOS 14.5

Although Apple has historically been reticent about its commitment to the development of generative AI technologies, it has substantially utilized deep learning techniques in many of its services. These advancements enable users to swiftly locate desired emails or swiftly identify the correct photographs through facial and scene recognition. In previous statements, Apple CEO Tim Cook has expressed interest in AI applications, leading to speculation that future products may incorporate an array of AI features.

Currently, Apple’s internal teams, led by John Giannandrea, a former senior vice president at Google, are developing applications for deep learning technologies, to offer a Siri experience that closely mirrors human interaction. Additionally, there is an expectation to integrate more AI functionalities into the upcoming iOS 18 operating system.