Apple fined $2 million in Brazil for iPhone not equipped with charger

Last year, Apple launched an iPhone 12 series that does not have a charger, but it is equipped with a Type-C to Lightning data cable that is different from the previous Type-A to Lightning.

When Apple explained why it didn’t provide users with chargers, it said that users already had too many chargers in their homes, so the reason for not equipped chargers is to protect the environment protection.

After the release of the iPhone 12 series, Brazil’s consumer protection and regulatory agencies asked Apple “is it really good for the environment to not have a charger?” Later, the agency said that Apple did not prove that not having a charger is good for the environment.

hijack iPhone Lightning cable

“Lightning cable”by robpegoraro is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

On Friday, the Brazilian Consumer Protection and Regulatory Agency imposed a fine of $2 million on Apple for violating the Brazilian Consumer Protection Law. The agency also stated that the fine was imposed.

According to the reasons for the fines announced by the agency, it can also be seen that this time the fine was also because Apple advertised the water-resistance function, but refused to provide a warranty for equipment that was flooded under the same conditions as in the advertising.

The executive director of the agency said that Brazil has reliable consumer protection laws and systems, so Apple should understand and respect them.

Via: macrumors | Source: Tilt