Apple Event Buzz: iPad Pro Upgrade, But Supply Concerns

Recently, Apple announced that it will host a special event titled “Let Loose” on May 7th, where many in the media speculate that new versions of the iPad and Apple Pencil will be unveiled. However, according to a report by 9to5Mac, DSCC analyst Ross Young suggests that the new iPad Pro might face early stock shortages due to issues with OLED display shipments.

10.9-inch iPad Air 6

Previously, we reported that the new iPad Pro would be available in both 11-inch and 13-inch models. Ross Young indicates that the OLED display shipments for the new 13-inch iPad are higher than those for the 11-inch model. He notes that Samsung, one of the manufacturers producing OLED displays for the new iPad, has encountered technical challenges with the production of the two-stack tandem structure panels. Young believes these challenges will persist into May, which will directly impact the availability of the new 11-inch iPad Pro at launch.

This analyst had earlier predicted that the release of the new iPad Pro might be delayed due to production constraints of the new displays. He also mentioned that the 12.9-inch OLED panels would be exclusively produced by LG, while the 11-inch panels would be co-produced by both LG and Samsung. Subsequently, 9to5Mac discovered drivers for the new OLED displays from Samsung and LG in the iPadOS 17.5 beta files, confirming Young’s predictions.

Rumors suggest that Apple will release the new iPad Pro in two sizes: an 11-inch (249.7 x 177.5 x 5.1mm) and a 13-inch (281.5 x 215.5 x 5.0mm), both equipped with OLED displays. Following the typical upgrade pattern of this product line, it is highly likely that the OLED iPad Pro will feature the M3 chip, manufactured using TSMC’s 3nm process. This means that the OLED iPad Pro will offer enhanced performance, superior energy efficiency, and extended battery life.