Apple Enters the VR Arena: Vision Pro Headset Set for Early 2024 Release

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is expected to officially launch its first virtual reality headset, the Vision Pro, for sale early next year, with a market debut anticipated around March.

The Vision Pro, Apple’s inaugural foray into virtual reality headgear, is poised to enter the market as early as March of next year. Initially, it will be exclusively available through Apple’s proprietary channels. Originally, the plan was to unveil this device in January; however, it is still in the final stages of planning its sales strategy and undergoing the last rounds of testing, leading to potential delays in its launch.

The Vision Pro is slated to first hit the U.S. market in the early part of next year, with plans to gradually expand to other countries in the latter half of the year. This device will be available exclusively through Apple’s retail outlets and its official online store, eschewing third-party partner channels for distribution.

This strategy is influenced by Apple’s desire to offer a superior trial and usage experience directly through its outlets, allowing consumers to fully immerse themselves in the novel interactive experience offered by the device. Additionally, the need to prepare an array of accessories, such as various headband sizes and lenses of different prescriptions, makes distribution through third-party partners less feasible.

However, market rumors suggest that Apple plans to introduce the Vision Pro at a more accessible price point. This approach might lead to a reduction in price and a simplification of some features, potentially broadening its availability through numerous channels and enhancing the product’s widespread adoption.