Apple cuts orders for iPhone 13 series due to market demand and supply problems

After Apple released the iPhone 13 series this year, there have been delays in the shipment of new models around the world, and it generally takes three to four weeks to wait. Due to shortages in various aspects of the supply chain, and Apple’s increase in orders for A15 Bionic to TSMC, it has also affected the shipments of other old iPhone models. Previous statistics show that shipments of iPhone models will increase significantly in 2021, showing a very strong performance. In many people’s eyes, the iPhone 13 series will continue the strength of the iPhone 12 series and push sales to new heights.

iPhone 13 price

However, after only two months, this situation seems to have changed. Apple’s sales of all iPhone models have some problems. The first to bear the brunt is the latest iPhone 13 series. According to Bloomberg reports, Apple has indicated to its iPhone 13 accessories suppliers that orders may be lower than expected. At first, it was generally believed that it might be affected by a new round of supply shortages in the recent supply chain, but the actual situation may be more complicated.
Apple’s iPhone 13 series originally planned to order 90 million units this year, but it has been reduced to 80 million units.

Apple once said to its supply chain partners that the reduced orders will be made up next year, but it has now rejected this practice and it is very likely to cut orders directly. This means that it is not just a supply chain problem, but a real decline in demand.

Like its peers, Apple has been dealing with the problems caused by the shortage of supply in the global semiconductor industry, and its impact has been reflected in revenue. Apple expects that this impact will spread to the coming Christmas and New Year holidays. However, judging from Apple’s move to reduce orders for the iPhone 13 series, even if there is no supply issue, the iPhone 13 series has not met the initial expectations.