Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his optimism about the iPhone 12 series sale

Apple has recently released its 2020 Q4 quarterly financial report. The financial report shows that Apple’s revenue for the quarter reached US$64.7 billion, of which profit reached US$12.7 billion.

However, the iPhone 12 series was not included in the quarterly financial report due to the late release time, so there is no accurate data on the sales data of Apple’s new models.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview that he remains optimistic about iPhone 12 sales, and early sales data is also quite good.

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Tim Cook said in an interview that he is optimistic about iPhone 12 sales because of 5G support, operator promotions, and loyal users.

The iPhone 12 series is the strongest mobile phone lineup Apple has so far and the 5G network is also a very big opportunity.

The iPhone 12 was not included in the fourth quarter financial report because of the late release time. Therefore, Apple will disclose the data in the first quarter financial report of the new fiscal year.

In addition, the decline in Apple’s sales in the Chinese market is also a weak point. The financial report shows that the sales in the Chinese mainland market fell from 11.13 billion US dollars to 7.95 billion US dollars.

Via: macrumors