Google no longer allows Android call recording apps to list on the Play Store

Call recording is a practical function for many users, and many customized Android systems versions also directly provide recording functions to meet user requirements. However, if you use the native version of Android, it is difficult to record calls, because Google no longer provides the recording function based on privacy and legal issues. Therefore, some developers use accessibility functions to record calls, but this has been identified as abuse, and Google’s new policy requires such applications to be removed. The specific time point is May 11, 2022. After this date, all apps with recording functions will be removed from the shelves, and of course, new apps will not be listed on Play Store.
Google Phone call recording

The information that Google conveyed to developers this time is mainly to use the interface provided by Google, that is, the auxiliary function to develop call recording software is not allowed. In fact, Google has previously banned the release of call recording software and disabled the recording interface provided before, but some developers find ways to bypass it. So now, based on privacy and legal issues, Google will start a strict investigation, and all software involving call recording will be taken off Play Store or deleted. However, it doesn’t matter if the developer does not publish it on the Google Store but directly provides the installation package. If the user is willing to sideload the installation, it has nothing to do with Google.
There is also an exception policy that if the default dial-up software pre-installed on the mobile phone system supports the call recording function, this function can continue to be used without being affected. For example, the pre-installed Phone app on the Google Pixel supports the call recording function, which is not unaffected by recording through the accessibility interface. Therefore, if users still want to use call recording, they can either buy a mobile phone with a built-in recording or manually download and install the call recording software.

Via: Android Police