Android 12’s theming system may crash during the game due to design issues

Google launched a theme system called Material You in Android 12. The theme system can change the color setting of the system according to the wallpaper set by the user.

This theme engine also supports automatic wallpaper replacement, such as setting a regular replacement wallpaper, after the wallpaper is replaced, some applications will adapt according to the new color, etc.

However, this may also cause some applications or games to crash. At present, many users in the Google issue tracking system have reported that they crashed when playing games.

The cause of the crash seems to be related to the new theme engine of Android 12. Google has not yet responded to this issue, so it is not clear when the issue will be fixed.

Image: androidpolice

First of all, this problem may be related to the design of Google and game developers. The new theme engine will notify the system and applications to read the new color scheme after changing the wallpaper.

If the game developer adapts to this feature, it will also change the color matching after receiving the notification. If the automatic wallpaper change is set, the system color matching will be updated regularly.

But the problem is that every time the wallpaper is changed, the game needs to be restarted to adapt to the new color, which causes the game to be forced to restart if you are playing.

The current problematic games include but are not limited to the mobile version of Genshin Impact, Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Minecraft, too.

What’s more pitted is that this problem seems to only affect games that actively adapt to the new system. If the developer does not adapt to the automatic color matching, it will not be affected by this problem.

As long as you disable the automatic wallpaper replacement and do not switch to the settings to change the wallpaper during the game, the game will not be forced to restart, and then wait for Google to fix it.

Google has not yet responded to this issue in the issue tracking thread, so it is not yet known whether Google can fix the issue when a new version is released next month.

Via: androidpolice