Android 12 Gaming Toolbar may support game screen recording and advanced control

Earlier the XDA Developer Forum found a new service related to game management in the Android 12 preview, but the specific purpose was not very clear at the time.

Originally, the media speculated that this might be used to record game data and restore data after the restart, but now it seems that the service is more like a Gaming Toolbar.

After further research, the XDA Developer Forum has successfully activated the Android 12 Gaming Toolbar function. After activation, the system will pop up two buttons for users to operate the game.

Microsoft provides the Xbox Game Bar tool in Windows 10, which can be used to stream live games and provide a variety of system advanced function settings.

For example, after opening the game bar, you can stream games, check the frame rate of the game, check system processes and resource overhead, and quickly end processes that consume too many resources.

The toolbar provided by Google in the new version of Android is relatively simple, mainly including game record buttons and game control buttons to provide some enhanced functions.

According to predictions, the game record button should be similar to a screen recording function or provide a live streaming function, while the game control button can be configured with some advanced functions.