Android 10 officialy releases for Google Pixel series

Sure enough, as many people have guessed, Android 10, whose name has become less “delicious”, is officially land on Google’s own Pixel phone today. And according to the official statement, they are cooperating with various partners in order to launch the Android 10 update within this year. So, many brands including Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, should soon announce their upgrade arrangements.

Android 10

If you still don’t know much about Android 10, let’s do some simple view here. In this new version, Google introduced a system-level dark mode and gestures. This version of the system also has better support for folding-screen phones led by Galaxy Fold.

In terms of security and privacy, Android 10 has been strengthened. For example, this version will have more detailed control over targeting permissions. In addition, Google will now update certain parts of the system through the Play Store, so that you can update certain features in time without waiting for a major upgrade at the system level. It is worth mentioning that the accessibility features of Android 10 have also improved compared to the past. This time, Google has launched a new hearing aid audio streaming protocol, which can send music and calls on mobile phones directly to the hearing aids of hearing-impaired users through low-power Bluetooth. In the beginning, only the Pixel 3, 3a series was used with the ReSound LiNX Quattro and Beltone Amaze hearing aids, but Google will open the platform.

Somewhat surprisingly, the Live Caption audio-to-text feature that did not appear in the Android10 release.