Analysts: Don’t Expect an AI Revolution in iPhone 16

This year, Apple will introduce the iPhone 16 series, expected to continue the lineup of four models, replacing last year’s iPhone 15 series. As a cornerstone of Apple’s operations, iPhone sales directly impact the company’s performance. Rumors suggest that Apple is accelerating its development in artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the AI capabilities of its products.

According to Wccftech, analysts from research institutions are skeptical about the upgrades in the upcoming iPhone 16 series. Based on gathered information, they believe that the advancements in AI features will remain quite limited, anticipating significant enhancements and changes only in the iPhone 17 series slated for 2025, which is expected to introduce a range of AI functions for everyday use.

iPhone 16 Pro series

Analysts indicate that the iPhone 16 series will not differ substantially from the iPhone 15 series, which could negatively impact sales. While reports suggest that Apple will equip the iPhone 16 series with increased memory, improved microphones, and an upgraded neural engine to better facilitate generative AI tasks and realize some advanced functions, analysts remain unimpressed and predict a potential 15% decrease in this year’s iPhone sales.

However, some scoff at these predictions, arguing that integrating AI features into new devices is a prevailing trend. Rumors about the iOS 18 update further integrating AI technologies, along with Apple’s ample resources and capability to develop generative AI similar to ChatGPT, suggest that significant advancements may not need to wait for an entire upgrade cycle.