AMD will increase the price of Xilinx FPGA products

AMD completed its acquisition of Xilinx earlier this year in an all-stock transaction. AMD believes that after this transaction, through a larger portfolio of computing, graphics, and adaptive SoC products, it will become a leader in high-performance and adaptive computing.

According to Wccftech, an internal letter from AMD to customers recently leaked out, showing that AMD will increase the price of its Xilinx FPGA products, starting from January 8, 2023. Among them, the cost of the Spartan 6 series will increase by 25%, the cost of the Versal series will not increase, and the costs of other products will increase by 8%. In addition to giving the price adjustment range of different series of products, AMD also provides the delivery cycle, and different products will be adjusted accordingly, including:

AMD emphasized that the price increase decision was made due to rising costs and increased investment in the supply chain. In fact, AMD’s price increase is not too unexpected. After all, Intel contacted customers in July this year and informed them to increase the price of its FPGA products, starting from October 9th.