AMD releases Radeon Pro W7700

AMD has announced the launch of its new RDNA 3 architecture workstation graphics card, the Radeon Pro W7700, featuring a dual-slot cooling solution. Priced officially at $999, it will be available at major retailers from November 13, 2023, with corresponding OEM systems expected to be shipped within the month.

AMD asserts that the Radeon Pro W7700 outperforms its competitor, NVIDIA’s RTX 4000 Ada Generation SFF, by 1.7 times. In specific applications, it boasts a 52% performance improvement in Solidworks, a 24% increase in Creo, and a 37% enhancement in CATIA, offering a superior cost-to-performance ratio.

Radeon Pro W7700

The Radeon Pro W7700 workstation graphics card is equipped with a Navi 32 GPU, manufactured using 5nm and 6nm processes, and includes a 64MB Infinity Cache. It features 48 Compute Units (CU), equating to 3072 stream processors, and delivers a single-precision computational performance of 32 TFLOPS. The card is outfitted with 16GB of GDDR6 memory, supporting ECC, and offers a 256-bit memory interface with a bandwidth of 576 GB/s. It includes four DisplayPort 2.1 ports, supports AV1 encoding and decoding, and AI-enhanced video encoding capabilities. The total power consumption of the card is 190W, requiring an 8Pin power connector, and is recommended to be paired with a 650W power supply.

AMD emphasizes that this new workstation graphics card is designed to meet the evolving demands of professional workflows. This includes the growing complexity of computer-generated design, the continuous expansion of visual effects and animation development, the global surge in architecture, and the explosive growth of advanced artificial intelligence applications. The Radeon Pro W7700 workstation graphics card unleashes the creativity of professionals through its exceptional performance, stunning visual effects, and forward-looking features.