AMD Instinct MI300 may use 3D chip stacking 8 compute dies

AMD launched the Instinct MI200 series of computing cards based on the CDNA 2 architecture last year, which is the first GPU to be packaged in an MCM multi-chip package and the first exascale GPU accelerator. In fact, before the release of the Instinct MI200 series, the news of the Instinct MI300 series has already been reported, and it has recently appeared in the Linux patch.

AMD MI300 GPU Rumors, Source: Moore’s Law is Dead

According to VideoCardz, the AMD Instinct MI300 GPU may come in a variety of specifications, with HBM3 memory stacks ranging from two to eight, respectively. It’s worth noting that the Instinct MI300 series GPUs may use 3D chip stacking, with a base tile with I/O interfaces below the small chip. Each base tile is said to connect two HBM3 memory stacks and is fabricated on a 6nm process, while the compute dies are fabricated on a 5nm process.

The size of a single chiplet that integrates the compute dies and the base tile is about 110mm², and the interposer of the top model with four chiplets will have about 20,000 signal pins, twice as many as the M1 Ultra. In terms of power consumption, a small chip is about 150W, and the power consumption of the highest-end model will reach about 600W, which is similar to the 560W of the current OAM specification Instinct MI250X.