AMD adds the new PCI ID of the Navi 2x core to the Linux driver

Previously rumored that AMD’s next-generation Radeon RX 7000 series will be divided into two. There will be three types of GPUs using RDNA 3 architecture: Navi 31/Navi 32/Navi 33. Among them, Navi 31 and Navi 32 will be packaged in MCM multi-chips, using a 5nm process to manufacture GCD (graphics computing chip) and a 6nm process to manufacture MCD (multi-cache) /IO chip). At the same time, AMD will make changes to the original structure. It is no longer the original CU computing unit and will use WGP as the main computing module, while the rest of the products will still use RDNA 2 architecture GPUs, but they will be manufactured on a 6nm process.

Instinct MI200 CDNA 2

Although there is no exact release time yet, it is generally believed that AMD will continue to launch Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards equipped with Navi 22, Navi 23, and Navi 24. According to Phoronix reports, AMD recently added a new PCI ID to the Linux kernel, involving the RDNA 2 architecture which is the Navi 2x core. There are 17 in total, including Navi 21, Navi 22, and Navi 23 cores, which are quite large.

AMD has added 5 PCI IDs to the existing 7 Sienna Cichlid (Navi 21), including 0x73A5, 0x73A8, 0x73A9, 0x73AC and 0x73AD; on the basis of 4 existing Navy Flounder (Navi 22), 5 PCI IDs have been added, including 0x73DA, 0x73DB, 0x73DC, 0x73DD and 0x73DE; on the basis of 4 existing Dimgrey Cavefish (Navi 23), 7 PCI IDs have been added, including 0x73E8, 0x73E9, 0x73EA, 0x73EB, 0x73EC, 0x73ED and 0x73EF.

AMD may launch some OEM or special-purpose versions, or there are individual versions that may not appear in the retail market, but a large number of new PCI IDs are added to the Linux driver at one time, with reference to similar situations in the past, in addition to launching more models of products on the existing cores, there may also be changes in the GPU process, which is to prepare in advance for the future GPUs using the RDNA 2 architecture of the 6nm process.