A New Chapter for Apple: Tim Cook Begins Search for Successor

It is well-known that since Tim Cook assumed the role of CEO at Apple, he has vigorously developed the company’s supply chain, propelling Apple to become the first technology enterprise in the world to reach a market value of a trillion dollars. However, Cook himself mentioned in 2021 the possibility of leaving Apple within the next decade. Recently, in an interview on the “Dua Lipa: At Your Service” podcast, Tim Cook revealed that he is in the process of searching for a successor, with the hope of having multiple candidates.

During the interview, Cook expressed that he is formulating several succession plans to address various contingencies and conveyed his desire for the new CEO to emerge from within the company. However, when asked about specific details of potential successors, Cook did not disclose any names, stating that part of his current role involves nurturing and identifying candidates, and ensuring that there are multiple options available for the board to consider. Although Apple previously faced industry criticism for its excessive secrecy in arranging Steve Jobs’ succession, the company maintains its consistent stance regarding the matter of Cook’s successor.

Apart from succession matters, Cook was also asked in the interview whether he would work at Apple until 2050. He responded that although he immensely enjoys working at Apple and cannot imagine life without the company, aspiring to continue his tenure there for some time, there is a considerable span of time until 2050, and he himself is uncertain if he could stay at Apple for such an extended period.

Since succeeding Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple in 2011, Tim Cook has enriched the company’s product line with the introduction of devices like the Apple Watch and Vision Pro. Moreover, Apple has launched smart device accessories such as AirTags and MagSafe, which feature industry-leading technology.