A data breach of about 200,000 customers of telecommunications giant T-Mobile

Recently, the US mobile phone operator T-Mobile announced a data breach on its official website. It found that some customers’ account information was maliciously accessed. This account information related to the customer’s call records, such as call duration, call number during a call and answering number, etc.

A T-Mobile spokesperson once told TechCrunch that the hacking occurred in early December and affected about 0.2% of T-Mobile users, or about 200,000 users.

T-Mobile wrote in the notice that their network security team recently discovered and closed some unauthorized malicious access to T-Mobile accounts. With the assistance of cybersecurity forensics experts, they launched an investigation, and have reported the incident to federal law enforcement agencies, and are currently notifying affected customers.

According to the above notice, the data involved in this data breach is called Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI). Including call log information, how to call, call time, call number and answer number of each call, etc. At the same time, T-Mobile emphasized that hackers did not have access to names, home or email addresses, financial data, and account passwords or pin codes.

In March last year, the telecommunications giant experienced another data breach. Its employees’ email accounts and some customer information were maliciously accessed, and data such as phone numbers and names were affected.