3DMark TimeSpy score of RTX 4060 laptop GPU is 10050

Previously, Nvidia has confirmed on social media that it will hold the “GeForce Beyond” event on January 3. At that time, the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card equipped with AD104 will be brought to the desktop platform, and the RTX 40 series mobile graphics card for notebook computers will be released. Recently, the 3DMark TimeSpy score of the notebook suspected to be equipped with RTX 4060 has been uploaded on the Internet, with a score of 10050.

As a comparison, it can be found on the 3DMark website that the average score of 3DMark TimeSpy of the mobile RTX 3070 is around 10200. The 3DMark TimeSpy average score of the mobile RTX 3060 is around 8300 points, of course, power consumption is also an influencing factor.

Not long ago, Geekbench appeared information about the OpenCL running score of the RTX 4080 laptop GPU, which has 58 SMs, 7424 CUDA cores, with an acceleration frequency of 2.01GHz and 12GB of video memory. Wccftech has shared that it has obtained a lot of details about GeForce RTX 40 series notebook graphics cards, ranging from high-end RTX 4090 to entry-level RTX 4050. The flagship RTX 4090 will be based on the AD103 GPU with a frequency of 1590 to 2040MHz and a corresponding TGP of 150 to 175W.