19-year-old hacker buys a McLaren sports car with scam cryptocurrency

The US police arrested a fraudster who used SIM card exchange technology to implement fraud. The 19-year-old man Xzavyer Narvaez used SIM card exchange technology to hijack and exchange the mobile phone numbers of several mobile phone users, and thus visited the victims. Digital cryptocurrency account and social information, stealing a lot of bitcoin and other kinds of the digital cryptocurrency.

SIM card exchange refers to transferring the phone number of the attacked target to the SIM card held by the attacker. Once the hacker receives the phone number, they can be used to reset the victim’s password and hack into their account, including the cryptocurrency exchange’s account. Many online services use mobile phone numbers to verify identity and open backdoors for hackers.

He reportedly purchased various luxury items with illegal income, including a $200,000 McLaren sports car. The victim with the most losses reported being stolen from a digital cryptocurrency equivalent to $150,000.

Via: CCN