Google partners with iFixit to make it easier for users to repair broken Pixel phones

After cooperating with Microsoft, Samsung, and other companies, iFixit has also decided to cooperate with Google. It is expected to provide repair parts for the Pixel series mobile phones to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and countries in the European Union later this year. Users can repair Pixel series phones by themselves.

The corresponding models will include Pixel 2 to Pixel 6 Pro, as well as the new Pixel series phones that Google will launch in the future. The parts provided include batteries, screens, and camera modules, and can be sold in the form of independent components or with repair kits, allowing users who are able to repair themselves to repair their mobile phones with exchangeable parts.
On the other hand, Google also stated that it has cooperated with a third-party repair company uBreakiFix in the United States and Canada to assist users in repairs that are still under warranty or the Pixel series phones that have exceeded the warranty, and in markets such as Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom, they will cooperate with more third-party repair companies to allow users to easily repair the faulty Pixel phones in their hands.

In addition to providing easier repair resources for Pixel phones, Google also said that it is currently cooperating with companies such as Acer and Lenovo to repair Chromebooks, making it easier for users to repair the faulty Chromebook in their hands, or through the Chrome OS Flex project so that more old computers can be used for a longer period of time by installing Chrome OS, thereby extending the reusability of the product itself and reducing the proportion of e-waste generated.