September 21, 2020

Windows 10 v1903 will reach End-of-Support on December 8

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Usually, Microsoft will provide an 18-month support period for the Windows 10 branch version. The main negative impact of the discontinuation of support is that security updates cannot be obtained, even if there are security vulnerabilities, security updates cannot be received, and the daily use of users is more harmful.

Therefore, Microsoft recommends that all users use the supported Windows 10 version, and the version that is about to end support must also be upgraded as soon as possible to avoid malicious exploitation of the vulnerability.

The support for Windows 10 v1903 is about to end, and Microsoft has announced that it will stop supporting the consumer version of this version on December 8, 2020.

The announcement stated that Windows 10 v1903 consumer version is about to end support as planned, and users should complete the upgrade as soon as possible before ending support to ensure safe use.

The so-called consumer version refers to the retail professional version, professional workstation version, education version.

The above versions will stop supporting on December 8, 2020. The above versions will receive the last security update on that day, and will no longer automatically receive security updates thereafter.

It is recommended that users upgrade to Windows 10 v1909 or Windows 10 v2004 in time. These versions are currently safe to use during the support period.

If you are looking for stability, it is recommended to upgrade to Windows 10 v1909. This version has been released for almost one year, and the stability is better than the latest version.