Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Office Apps for Windows 10 Mobile will reach End of Support on January 12, 2021

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Earlier Microsoft has announced that it will abandon Windows 10 Mobile and end all support for the operating system, including security support, on December 10, 2019. As Microsoft dropped support for the operating system, more and more software developers also decided to give up and no longer provide support or disable features for the platform’s software. Most of this discontinued software is still available but the developers no longer provide updates.


The latest news from Microsoft’s official technical support forum stated that the company has decided to end support for the Office Apps for Windows 10 Mobile on January 12, 2021. Office for Windows 10 Mobile is a standalone application that provides applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. After the operating system ends its life cycle, Microsoft will also provide support for some software. According to the current situation, Microsoft will provide another one year of support for Office applications. After January 12, 2021, at that time, Microsoft will no longer provide functions and security updates for Office applications in the Win10 Mobile version.