November 26, 2020

Debian 11 Bullseye is going to Freeze phase, Debian 13 codename Trixie

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The Debian developer team announced on the mailing list that the freeze of Debian 11 is approaching, and developers need to be prepared for this. According to the previously announced Debian 11 Bullseye release freeze plan, the first milestone of Debian 11 “Transition and (build-)essentials Freeze” will occur on January 12, 2021; the second milestone “Soft Freeze” on February 12, The third new milestone “Hard Freeze” is on March 12, and the fourth milestone “Full Freeze” date has not yet been set.

Debian maintainer dissatisfied

Freeze and Full Freeze, this is Hard Freeze. During the Hard Freeze period, automatic migration of critical packages and packages without automated testing is prohibited. These packages will need to be manually lifted from the release team for migration, just like a Full Freeze.

In addition to reminding developers to prepare for the upcoming Debian 11 freeze, the mailing list notification also announced the confirmed Debian 13 code name. As always, the Debian system code name usually comes from the character name of “Toy Story”, and Debian 13 is confirmed. Using the code name “Trixie”, it is a blue plastic toy dinosaur, first appeared in “Toy Story 3”.