Windows 10 still exists many bugs

It is well known that the stability of the Windows 10 system is not as good as the Windows 7 version. The reason is that Microsoft has abolished the testing team and now relies on machine testing.

Machine testing can’t complete all the content of the simulator manually, so Microsoft launched a test plan to attract users to actively act as mice to discover potential problems.

But even if many users engage in the Windows Insider Preview program, Microsoft still cannot solve some obvious problems. Problems that have been reported by users before have been ignored by Microsoft.

The recent blue screen of death problem is similar. The problem also occurred during the test but eventually, appear the Windows 10 stable version.

The disk checking and repairing tools included in the system by Microsoft are used by many users, and sometimes the system will automatically check when a major failure occurs in the system.

And in the recent cumulative update released by Microsoft, Windows 10 20H1 and 20H2 versions, using the disk check tool to scan the SSD will cause a blue screen of death problem. Afterward, Microsoft acknowledged the existence of the problem and repaired it through back-end deployment updates.

It is worth noting that this problem first appeared in Windows 10 Build 19624, which is the version released by Microsoft on May 7, 2020.

But I don’t know why this problem reappeared in the Windows 10 stable channel. Obviously, Microsoft did not completely fix this problem a few months ago.

There have been many problems that have been reported to Microsoft but have been ignored, although Microsoft later said that it would arrange for engineers to track user feedback.

But the facts proved that this did not seem to be of much use, because there were still many problems that did not arouse the attention of Microsoft engineers, causing the problems to be directly ignored by Microsoft.

Most of the problems may be minor problems that will not affect too many users, and if it is a blue screen of death, this problem may cause serious problems if it has not attracted attention.

If Microsoft, which relies on machine testing, does not pay attention to user feedback, the stability of Windows 10 may not be able to achieve user satisfaction in a few years.