September 21, 2020

Microsoft releases KB4571744 for Windows 10 v2004 to fix many bugs

2 min read

Since the Windows 10 v2004 test period, users have found that the defragmentation function is faulty, and the system cannot correctly record the completion time of the defragmentation.

The defragmentation function itself is executed automatically on a regular basis, and this failure will cause the system to continuously repeat defragmentation and optimization, which will affect the performance and life of the hard disk.

Windows 10 Build 17738

However, it was not until the middle of last month that Microsoft issued an official announcement acknowledging the existence of the problem. At this time, it has been nearly four months since users first discovered the problem.

Today, Microsoft finally released KB4571744 cumulative update to fix this problem, but it is still testing the fix and has not released a stable update to users.


  • Updates an issue that might prevent ActiveX content from loading.
  • Updates an issue that might cause apps that use the custom text wrapping function to stop working in certain scenarios.
  • Updates an issue to reduce the likelihood of missing fonts.
  • Updates an issue that prevents users from reducing the size of a window in some cases.
  • Updates an issue that causes the touch keyboard to close when you touch any key.
  • Provides the ability for Dolby Atmos for Headphones and DTS Headphone: X to be used in 24-bit mode on devices that support 24-bit audio.
  • Updates an issue with a blurry sign in screen.
  • Updates an issue with Windows Update becoming unresponsive when checking for updates.
  • Updates an issue that causes File Explorer to stop working when you browse directories of raw images and other file types.
  • Improves the tablet experience for convertible or hybrid devices in docked scenarios.
  • Improves the user experience of the Windows Hello enrollment pages for face and fingerprint setup.
  • Updates an issue that prevents you from unlocking a device if you typed a space before the username when you first signed in to the device.
  • Updates an issue that causes applications to take a long time to open.
  • Addresses an issue that prevents apps from downloading an update or opening in certain scenarios.
  • Updates an issue that causes Microsoft Office applications to close unexpectedly when using a Korean IME.
  • Updates time zone information for the Yukon, Canada.