September 20, 2020

NVIDIA Introduces Open Source Video Processing Framework for Python

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NVIDIA has launched the “Video Processing Framework” (VPF), an open source video processing framework for Python. It is reported that VPF is a set of open source C ++ libraries and Python bindings that can interact with its closed source Codec SDK. The function of this framework is to simplify the process of developing GPU-accelerated video encoding / decoding from Python.

VPF leverages the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK to increase flexibility and performance, and to provide developers with the inherent ease of use of Python.

GeForce 416.64

Nvidia wrote:

VPF provides developers with a simple, yet powerful Python tool for fully hardware -accelerated video encoding, decoding and processing classes. Thanks to the C++ code underneath the Python bindings, it allows you to achieve high GPU utilization within tens of code lines. Decoded video frames are exposed either as NumPy arrays or CUDA device pointers for simpler interaction and features extension. VPF does not impose any restrictions above the NVIDIA Video Codec SDK and allows you to fully utilize the potential of NVIDIA professional-grade GPUs.

The code is available on GitHub.