Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Pixel 4 will soon support dual-frequency GPS

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Google said that it will support dual-frequency GPS functions for Pixel 4 through software upgrades in the near future. It is reported that this technology enables compatible mobile phones to receive signals from two bands of the United States Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites for more accurate position tracking. However, most mobile phones that support dual-frequency GPS are now flagship.

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Earlier this year, some media compared mobile phones with dual-frequency GPS to mobile phones with single-frequency GPS. It turned out that mobile phones using dual-frequency GPS did not improve much inaccuracy.

In fact, the Snapdragon 855 processor itself is equipped with the hardware needed to run dual-frequency GPS, but some manufacturers just don’t enable it on their phones. Google’s Pixel 4 series with the Snapdragon 855 processor illustrates this problem.

One of the advantages of dual-frequency GPS is to support faster satellite tracking. This technology ensures that your phone gets more accurate position tracking, and it also reduces the problem of skyscrapers interfering with GPS signals.

Google said that dual-frequency GPS will soon appear on Pixel 4. If users want to determine whether their mobile phone supports both L1 and L5, users need to install GPSTest from Google Play Store. After turning on the phone, look for the L1 and L5 in the CF column. If you can see it, the phone supports dual-frequency GPS.

Via: androidpolice