Zabbix 4.2.0 released, open source distributed system monitoring

Zabbix is a Web interface based on the provision of distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities of the enterprise-class open source solutions.
Zabbix Features
  • Monitor EverythingEverything inside your network can be monitored: performance and availability of servers, WEB applications, databases, networking equipment and more.
  • Enterprise ReadyZabbix is designed to support small to large environments with the requirements in a business of 24×7 availability.
  • Proactive MonitoringImprove the quality of your services and reduce operating costs by avoiding downtime.
  • Capacity PlanningMonitor resource usage trends as your business grow and plan capacity increase in a timely manner.
  • True Open SourceNo separate, paying customers only, closed enterprise version. All Zabbix is open source.
  • Business SolutionsRely on our service excellence in support, development, and planning.

Zabbix 4.2.0

ZBXNEXT-5109 Implemented test value saving before test sessions in preprocessing test forms
Added ability to test media types from ui
ZBXNEXT-5114 Improved multiline input control
ZBXNEXT-5123 Added server address and port to the zabbix sender output
ZBXNEXT-5105 Added context menu for trigger name in event details page
Implemented testing option for item preprocessing steps
Added preprocessing steps to work with prometheus agents
ZBXNEXT-155 Added support of multiple macros in map element label, url name and url value
Added support of lld rule as dependent item
ZBXNEXT-5081 Added item preprocessing support to proxies
ZBXNEXT-4967 Added zabbix sender data sending to multiple destinations given in serveractive configuration parameter
ZBX-15286 Dropped support use of discovered items as master
ZBXNEXT-158 Added ability to use discovery returned string as hostname and visible name
ZBXNEXT-5013 Removed adaptive chunking from timescaledb script
ZBXNEXT-5016 Extended preprocessing error messages to include intermediate step results
ZBXNEXT-4898 Added support ipv6 for “net.dns” and “net.dns.record”
ZBXNEXT-5037 Added “skip” parameter for vmware.eventlog key
ZBXNEXT-4819 Implemented date and time showing in svg graph widget