Zabbix 3

Zabbix 3.4.7released, open source distributed system monitoring

Zabbix 4.0.0 alpha2 & 3.4.6rc1 are released. Zabbix is a Web interface based on the provision of distributed system monitoring and network monitoring capabilities of the enterprise-class open source solutions.
Zabbix Features
  • Monitor EverythingEverything inside your network can be monitored: performance and availability of servers, WEB applications, databases, networking equipment and more.
  • Enterprise ReadyZabbix is designed to support small to large environments with the requirements in a business of 24×7 availability.
  • Proactive MonitoringImprove the quality of your services and reduce operating costs by avoiding downtime.
  • Capacity PlanningMonitor resource usage trends as your business grow and plan capacity increase in a timely manner.
  • True Open SourceNo separate, paying customers only, closed enterprise version. All Zabbix is open source.
  • Business SolutionsRely on our service excellence in support, development, and planning.

Zabbix 3.4.7

  • ZBX-13403 allowed proxy to execute remote commands on agents using encrypted connection
  • ZBX-13441 fixed crashes in case of failures (e.g. timeouts) during VMware hypervisor discovery
  • ZBX-12607 fixed performance of map.get API method and map-related views
  • ZBX-13055 fixed compilation failure in Alpine Linux due to missing res_ninit() function
  • ZBX-13194 fixed incorrect processing of zabbix[wcache,value,*] internal check
  • ZBX-13117 fixed vfs.dir.size with symbol links on Windows



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