WordPress decided to stop using React


WordPress and React are not linked before, but in recent years WordPress uses React to refactor WordPress.com, the Calypso project, and the new modular editor Gutenberg after WordPress 4.8, which is also based on React development.

However, in the last week, WordPress founder Matt in his blog on the issue, said the decision to stop using React, the reason is that the recent has been a hubbub of patent issues.

Facebook posted an official statement about React’s license agreement a few weeks ago. The statement said that anyone can not use React with Facebook and its partner companies have direct or indirect competition with the project, otherwise, Facebook will automatically cancel its license. Since then, Facebook has also published an article on its interpretation of the React license agreement.

The statement is a wake-up call in the tech circle, after all, React’s range of applications, including many of the many companies, including BAT, are based on their development.

Matt said in the article, WordPress in recent years on React very satisfied, but now decided to give up the use of React, and has been and core developers to communicate, began a new technology selection.

Reference: On React and WordPress

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