WordPress 4.9 will be released on November 14th


WordPress is a blog platform developed using PHP language, users can support PHP and MySQL database server set up their own website, you can also WordPress as a content management system (CMS) to use.

WordPress is currently the latest version is 4.8.1 maintenance version. However, WordPress today announced that WordPress 4.9 version of the development has started this month, the initial plan will be released in early October Beta 1 beta, November 14 release the official version.

At present, the developer Choyce announced the WP 4.9 version of the development goals. WordPress users can expect that some of the existing features will be improved, more user-friendly; some long-term expectations of the function is expected to be achieved in this version.

WordPress 4.9 version development goals:

Code editing improvements:

Better code editing experience

– theme and plugin editor

– Custom CSS in custom panel

– Custom HTML gadgets (pendant)

Safer file editing:

– Code change check tool: Block saved (with or without specification) code, or add confirmation message.

– Add a better warning message when editing topics and plugins (even inactive themes and plugins).

– Add files that are nested over 2 layers

Improvements to custom features:


– Drafts in the custom panel;

– Scheduled changes in the custom panel;

Home settings

Album gadgets (pendant)

Add a media button to the text gadget (pendant)

More friendly theme switching:

– More friendly widget mapping when switching themes

– More user-friendly menu mapping when switching themes

Use .zip to compress files to update themes and plugins:

– Improved maintenance tool for the update tool component

– At the same time, allow you to update themes and plugins by dragging


– Customize the image in the drop area

– Customize the responsive image in the sidebar of the tool

– no longer force the user to cut those who do not need to cut the picture


– The API endpoint required by Gutenberg

– Comments will add more details

From WordPress 4.9 development goals, most of the features are still very worth looking forward to. For example, in the theme and plug-in editor to support more than 2 layers of the nested directory, you can more easily edit the theme in the background and plug-ins. More friendly warnings can prevent users from making minor bugs while editing themes and plugins.

Another goal of WordPress 4.9 is to improve the code editing experience with code highlighting, which is also used primarily in themes and plug-ins for editors. At present there is a code on GitHub highlight plug-in, may become the function of the solution.

Custom panel improvements are also the focus of WordPress 4.9. At the same time, WordPress developers also want to switch the theme of the process, to provide users with more friendly gadgets and menu mapping.

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