WinFi Lite: Professional WiFi-Analyzer for Windows

A new Wi-Fi analytics app called ” WinFi Lite ” has recently arrived at the Microsoft Store and is now available for download. WinFi Lite performs a variety of tasks, including monitoring and managing wireless networks, performing simple Wi-Fi analysis, and more.

In the application description, this professional Wi-Fi analysis app has the following functions:

✔ Monitor and manage wireless networks

✔ Accelerate Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

✔ Perform straightforward Wi-Fi analysis

✔ Best in class Filter, Grouping and Sorting capabilities

✔ Session Recording, Playback and PCAP Export

✔ High Performance GPU accelerated UI with realtime updates

✔ PCAP and CSV export

✔ Profiles for UI and Data settings

✔ Customizeable UI